globe.jpgEnglish is either an official language or is spoken by a significant portion of the population in the following countries.

Task 1: The English Speaking World.

Choose an English speaking country to study in depth.
Write a Wiki answering the three questions below. Your wiki should be approx 800-1200 words and include headings, pictures, animation/film and sound.

  1. Explain why the country you have chosen is an English speaking country.
  2. Give a brief description of the country (History: past and present & Geography: major cities, rivers mountains and other famous landmarks).
  3. Point to similarities between the country you have chosen and Britain (Government? Education? Traditions? Culture?) .

• use a wide selection of digital and other aids independently, including monolingual dictionaries
• explain the main characteristics of the development of English from an Anglo-Saxon language to an international world language
• discuss social conditions and values in various cultures in a number of English-speaking countries
• produce texts with complex content using digital media
• select and use content from different sources independently, critically and responsibly

Digitale ferdigheter:

Kildekritikk, opphavsrettigheter, nettvett, søk, wikispace, moviemaker, photostory, lydinnspilling

Australia The Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Bermuda Brunei Cameroon Canada Cayman Islands Dominica Fiji Gambia Ghana India Jamaica Kenya Lesotho Liberia Malawi Malta Mauritius New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Papua New Guinea Philippines Seychelles Sierra Leone South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland Tanzania Trinidad and Tobago Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe