A Minitalk is a short presentation on a subject.

Every Monday (1STB) and Wednesday (1STA) we will listen to minitalks on various subjects. You have all been given tasks and need to prepare for these lessons. The first minitalk will be on news articles from various papers and magazines. The second minitalk will be on music and finally a minitalk on a topic of your choosing.

All of you have been given a MINITALK page. Use this page to post information about your article/song/topic. Use the other students pages to registrer as listener and quizmaster according to the schedule given.

Task: Your presentation should be approximately 2-3 mins. Remember to post the required information at least a week before your minitalk.

Active Listener:
Task: Registrer as listener on a presenters page (2 pr presenter). Pay attention to your presenter. Take notes and give feedback on presentation regarding pronunciation, fluency, content, level of difficulty etc.

Quiz Masters:
Task: Registrer as quizmaster on a presenters page (1 quizmasters pr presenter). Prepare a few questions for the presenter. Your questions should primarily be questions about opinions etc.

MINITALK I - week 46-49
MINITALK II - week 3-11
MINITALK III - week 14-17