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Episode Analysis:

Season 2:
Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
- In order to keep his nuclear plant from being closed down due to numerous violations, Montgomery Burns decides to run for governor.
(Environment, Pollution)

Bart Gets Hit by a Car (Erland 1STB)
- When Mr. Burns hits Bart in a auto accident, and is willing to pay only one-hundred dollars, Homer sues Mr. Burns for a million.
(Lawsuits, greed)

Season 5:
Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
- After objecting to the voice disk used on her new talking Malibu Stacy doll that demeans women, Lisa find the creator and they produce a new doll that reflects the 90s.

Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
- Bart brings the family dog to school for Show and Tell, unfortunately the dog escapes and indirectly gets Principal Skinner fired. School life under Principal Flanders just isn't the same and Bart schemes to get Skinner back.

Season 6:
Homer Badman
- Homer's life comes crashing down on him when a simple grab for a candy treat is misinterpreted is sexual harassment by the family's new baby-sitter.
(Feminism, Sexual harrasment, Media)

Season 7:
Lisa the Iconoclast
- While digging into Jebediah Springfield's past, Lisa discovers that the town founder isn't the hero as everyone thinks he was.

Much Apu About Nothing
- Anti-immigration fever hits Springfield and Homer catches the fever until he discovers Apu is an illegal immigrant.
(Racism, Predjudice)

Season 8:
Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (Stian, 1STB)
- When Prohibition hits the town of Springfield, and with Bart's help, Homer goes into the booze making business.

Season 9:
The Cartridge Family
- After a wild soccer riot tears up Springfield, Homer purchases a handgun to protect his family. But when Marge's repeated requests to dispose of the weapon go without notice, she whisks herself and the kids away to a seedy motel.

Lisa the Skeptic
- While Lisa and her classmates conduct an archaeological survey, a skeleton with abnormal bone structures growing from the shoulders is uncovered, leading the townspeople to conclude the remains are that of an angel.

Season 10:
Mayored to the Mob
- When Homer rescues Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby from a rowdy mob of sci-fi fanatics, he is appointed the mayor's new bodyguard. But after convincing Quimby that he needs to stop Fat Tony's mob from selling rat's milk to the town's schools, the mayor's life is placed in jeopardy.

Season 15:
Bart-Mangled Banner
- While trying to avoid an inoculation at Dr. Hibbert's office, Bart's wriggling causes a side-effect and he suffers a temporary loss of hearing, which Bart milks for all that it is worth. Bart participates in the annual Springfield Elementary Donkey Basketball tournament. During the playing of the national anthem, Bart feeds his shorts to the donkey, leaving him bare-assed for all to see. But when Bart's bare-bum appears in a photo, the Simpson family becomes portrayed as unpatriotic and un-American, getting them thrown into "re-education" therapy, where they escape and migrate to France.

Season 16:
Midnight Rx
- When Mr. Burns cancels the plant employees' prescription drug plan, Homer decides to get cheap prescription drugs from Canada (with forged Canadian ID papers), only for Grampa, Ned, and Apu to join him on a second trip, which is not as successful as the first; however, when Smithers is at the brink of death because of a thyroid condition, Burns decides to finance one final run (it's easier than teaching someone new the filing system) with the help of his plane, "The Plywood Pelican"
(Health Care)

The Heartbroke Kid
- It's a big day at Springfield Elementary; Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner will select who gets the school's vending machine contract. While a gumbo machine sounds interesting, the winner is Scammer & Z-Dog, complete with hip-sounding vending machines. Lisa discovers that the snacks are loaded with everything from hydrogenated petroleum oil to partially-deweaponized plutonium, but her protests are no match for the machine's slogans. Bart goes overboard with the snacks; three weeks later, either Uter's hair has turned yellow and spiky, or Bart is incredibly fat. After a heart attack and a failed attempt at diet and exercise, Bart is sent to an expensive fat camp, and Homer and Marge have to open the house to German students in order to pay for it.

Season 17: *Havllard 1STB*
The Monkey Suit
- After Ned Flanders sees an exhibit on evolution at a museum, he and Reverend Lovejoy talk Principal Skinner into allowing the teaching of creationism in schools. When Lisa complains at a town meeting that there should only be one theory taught in schools, Mayor Quimby agrees - and teaching evolution is banned in schools, so Lisa decides to teach a secret evolution class which gets her arrested. Does Marge have something up where her sleeves would be if she didn't always wear a sleeveless dress to help Lisa?
(Religion vs Science)

Season 18:
You Kent Always Say What You Want
- When Homer buys the 1,000,000th ice-cream cone at a local shop, he ends up on Kent Brockman's news program, but when Brockman swears on live TV after coffee is spilled in his lap, he ends up fired after Ned Flanders complains and the FCC fines Channel 6 heavily

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