A letter for those back home.

Hello! I bring greetings from ”Junaiten”! How’s things going back in Norway? Did you get a good harvest this year, or are you forced to move over to America you too? You know I always got a place for you here! But, to be honest, things aren’t always great here; Indians, disease and the horrid slavery are all things that you should be happy you can’t find in Norway!

The Indians have lately started to kidnap more and more people, and a week back I found a Tomahawk (The weapons which the Indians use) smashed into my door! I talked to some other settlers and they say they’ve experienced similar things. The army has stationed some more men in the area though. But their presence is only felt in the big cities, and the presence isn’t always good I’ve heard… The saloons (Like the drinking taverns back home) is packed with drunk soldiers! And the Indian raids haven’t stopped… And it isn’t that they just kill, they steal too! Many settlers have lost many valuables lately. If you can find a place to settle on the coast you could probably escape the Indians wrath though. I got told that they’re all “Removed” there now.

The diseases… They’re cutting trough settlement after settlement, killing lots of people, primarily kids. And even though the parents are well prepared for death in this land, they always seem to end up grieving… Luckily, none of mine family has become sick. I got told by a local historian, that when the first europeans arrived the Indians got decimated by our diseases. Hah! They can't even stand against measles

The slavery is a bad thing. In the south, it’s used a lot. Slavers set sail for the east coast of Africa, force the negros there on board there ship and sail to the south states and sell the slaves. Then they get transported to plantations and forced to work. Those who are lucky enough to work for 15 years are granted freedom. Very few are that lucky, though. We used slaves in Norway before, you know. But we’ve stopped because it was a primitive thing to do. I would’ve thought the land of Freedom didn’t use the least free type of labor there is. But nothing’s, as it seems…

All in all though, am happy with life in America. Larger harvest, more money. Even though the risks are great, so is the rewards. “Anyone capable can get rich in America.” I agree. If you ever want to move to America, write me a letter and I’ll help you settle. I send with this letter 10 dollar. This should be as much as 100 specidaler. I hope you write back and hope that you get a good harvest!

Oh, and I nearly forgot this! They don't let just "anyone" into the country, They let strong, sane persons. Like me. I doubt you'll have any problems, though. Am more worried about your wife. She's always seemed like a nutcase to me!

Your friend, Niels Nelson. Yeah, I’ve changed my name!

A letter from the East Front. (WWII)

Hello those of you back home! I'd give a lot to be back home in Bavaria now, for sure! Here in Stalingrad fighting's still fierce, but the Reich have gained the upper hand lately. We will continue to push until Stalingrad is cleansed of Bolshevik pigs. Now, how's things going back in Germany? I heard dad was being sent to the front too, is it true? Have Hitler started sending old men to the front? I certainly hope he won't be sent to the east front, because we have enough untrained soldiers as it is. The Hungarians, Romanians and Italians aren't fit for this kind of fighting.

You thought it was cold back in Bavaria, but you haven't been here. Just to give you the essence of how cold it is here, every night our company lose at least 5 men. Those are usually newly arrived recruits, killed either by wearing summer uniforms, bombing raids or close quarter fighting. And then there's also those blasted snipers... Can't walk five meters outside our Headquarters without getting that annoying feeling of being watched... But we mustn't forget why we're doing this. The Bolshevik pigs mustn't be allowed to spread their propaganda into Germany, if their ideology lives on then the world has lost. That's why we're fighting here.

The Bolsheviks have been moving at night lately. Not only does it seem like they're calling in ever damned soul in Russia, they're also moving around us. Some weaklings have suggested that they're trying to flank us, and that we should try to get out of here while we still live. What kind of German is that? Ironically, all of them were taken prisoners by the Bolsheviks when they made a run for it. They wouldn't had a chance to live on, anyways. No food, hostile Germans, hostile Bolsheviks. Deserting in Stalingrad is a death sentence.

Yup, I'd give a lot to be home in Bavaria... Even if it means Hitler will look bad upon me.

Your son, Heinz Müller.