Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson is a fictional character from the famous animated television-series”The Simpson’s”. Bart is ten years old and the eldest son of Homer and Maggie Simpson. He has two sisters, Lisa and Maggie. He is a student at Springfield Elementary school, where he is often seen of course in the classroom of the 4th class students and even more often - at the principal Skinners office. Usually, outside the school, he can be seen wearing a lucky red hat, carrying a slingshot in his back pocket and riding his skateboard. Bart always finds himself immersed in trouble and his most prominent character traits are his rebelliousness, mischievousness, disrespect for authority and sharp wit.


This is defiantly a round character caused by his well developed. He is the rebellious son in the Simpsons-family which makes him a big part in every episode. Bart is also stereotypical in some way. The producers of the serie were trying to fabricate Bart as an example of a typical American boy which makes him a bit exaggerated. I can also say that Bart is kind of misunderstood, because he is described as an underachiever and a rebel, even worse, as the most reckless, irresponsible and misbehaved ten year-old in Springfield. It is partly true, but he is also actually quite smart. That isn’t so obvious because of his unimproved grades and his naughtiness, but he has shown that his bad grades comes from that he is not paying attention in class and that he simply doesn’t care about those “boring” things. He’s a quite active boy, who gets bored very easily. A destructive trouble maker who constantly gets into trouble is also a sentence which describes Bart very well. At the opening scene of the serie, we can se Bart alone in the classroom, writing something at the blackboard for a punishment, for example “I will not drive the principal's car” and “I will not draw naked ladies in class” several times. His behaviour is caused by a couple of things; that it is genetic (every Simpson member have not that high IQ), the environment that he is committed to (the fact that he is actually Homer’s son makes Bart more like Homer), less interest for school and a generally poor vision on authority.
Bart is way more sensitive than what others think and what he gives reactions for. He, and his oldest sister Lisa, share a sibling rivalry and he is often hurting her and seems to enjoy it. All though, they are very close, he cares for her as deeply as she does for him, and they have always apologized for going too far. One of Bart’s most used phase is “I didn't do it” and some of Bart’s dad, Homer known phases is “"BAAAARRRRTTTTT!" and “Why you little!” which says much about Bart him self, and how him and his dad are acting around each other.


As mentioned, Bart is a troublemaker and can be sadistic, selfish and shallow. Bart's has of course a lot of good qualities even though it’s more focused on the bad ones. He exhibits many qualities of high integrity, for example that he looks out for his sister, he's friends with outcasts and misfits like Van Houten and Ralph Wiggun, he believes in him self, he is funny, he helped out the love life of his teachers once, and he stood up for Ralph Wiggum at the cost of peer popularity.

Who knows what future lies in store for Bart and the rest of the Simpson family? It currently looks bright, as there will be more new seasons to go, and who knows? Maybe it will be many more? I am looking forward to follow more adventures with the Simpsons - especially Bart, who has provided us with great laughs for 21 years.

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