It was a about 05.40 Thursday morning, the 10 year old Sarah Parker found her little brother James surrounded by blood near one of the biggest and dangerous textile machine in the textile factory. We were on the right place about 6 ours after the accident, and Sarah Parker could tell us her story;

“I had just finished my one hours – break, the break that I can sleep for a little while. I heard a big scream outside my room, and I ran out. But, I didn’t see anything or anyone. Everything was dark. Really dark, like when you close your eyes – dark. It has never been that dark in the factory, it’s always been some kind of lightning in that room. But this time, no one could see a thing. That scream was so powerful and scary that every little sound, every whispering and every breath stopped. The silence had run over the place in 5 seconds, and it stayed that still for a long time. I can’t remember the exact feeling I felt in that moment, but I guess I couldn’t feel a thing. Not a word, not a reaction, I just stared in the dark, from the place James voice had screamed. The next thing I remember was that the light got turned on, and suddenly, I was on the floor. I ran as fast as I could, over to the place I could see my brother. I was used to see his white face and small body, but this time I felt that he got so much smaller than he actually was. His private things, like his… like his legs, were broken. I know I’m not supposed to say that word, especially not in the media, but I want everyone to know how horrible this was. I could se his bone sticking out of the skin. Blood came out of his mouth and his eyes were barely open. The next thing I remember was that I saw my parents through a window in another room. My mum was crying and my father did so too, but he had his arms around her, like he wanted to protect her. Now I see that was one thing I also should do. Protect my brother. My parents didn’t allow going and checking my brother, but my boss did, Alexander. I remember his laugh, saying that everything will be alright, that he is feeling good now. Of course I thought that he was alive, maybe he was so lucky that nurse Annie had operated him. But when they carried him out on the white board, I understand that I will never see James again. And my parents will never see his son.”

The police officer, Caleb Jackson says that this was an accident. He says that his and many other theories are that he fell down the machine, like many other kids. His chance to survive was like zero. They shall disgust the safety of the children after this, but it’s a small chance that the state will use money on it.

This story is of course extremely sad, but it’s still a mystery. No one saw or heard James fell down the machine. The rumour says that he wasn’t even sent to the doctor. The newspaper will be back soon with more details.