Suldal, June 2nd 1861.

Beloved son and friend!
We’re all doing fine back home, thank you. How are you doing Lars? We all miss you a lot. The parish will never be the same without you. We have seen many neighbours emigrate to America. And Suldal are getting smaller and smaller all the time. But it just leaves us more fields to plough, and more fields mean more food.
The harvest has never been so good on many years. And I guess we can thank the weather and god for that.

Have you got a farm over there? The other kids are fantasizing that you have a great ranch and fields as big as Suldal itself. And many white cows. We’re all hoping that you are doing well and hoping that you are living out your dream.

Your brother Ola is already planning to leave Suldal in few years. He wants to be just like his older brother and emigrate to America. We have mixed emotions about this. We have already lost you, and we don’t want to lose him to. But at the end it is his life.

Our neighbour, Mrs. Lunde lost her man a couple of weeks ago. She’s now a widow and Ola has been were good, helping her out on the farm. She was left with a major grief. The whole Suldal are thinking of her. Her man, Erik was such a kind man.

So, we’re hoping you have a good life over there. We miss you a lot, and we’re all looking forward to receive your next letter.

A lot of love and the best wishes from;
Mom, dad and Ola.

Saigon Jan 22, 1969

Hello everybody back home. Thank you for your letter.

I’m answering as fast as I can. It has been busy down here. Many operations are being done everyday. It is impossible to count how many my group have been involved in.
It is tough down here. I wish I were back home with you guys. But I’m proud of serving my country. And I know that I am doing it for a good reason.
Last night our group went out on a mission. We were going to scout on a NVA camp about 20 miles up north. We were flied in with chopper. It was very exiting, and I was afraid that we all were going to die when a group of NVAs ambushed us. We lost two guys and 4 were hurt. I could see death in my eyes when bullets were coming from every angle. I’m glad I am alive.

So, how is thing going at home? I’m so looking forward to get back to you again. I dream everyday that this war is over and that I could travel out of this hot and humid country.

I hope that this letter reach you. I can’t wait to read your next letter. Say hello from all known people from me and tell them that I’m doing just fine.
A lot of love.