From the Celts to the Victorians

What do we know about these population groups and in what way have they had an influence on British society

Celts - Romans - Anglo-Saxons - Vikings - Normans

Tudors: Henry VIII - Henry's Wives - Victorian Life - Queen Victoria

Challenge a friend in this quiz about the Tudors

Student Work:


  • Your article should include a heading, intro, pictures and text.
  • Use present, not past tense.
  • Be realistic.
  • Length: ca. 400 - 500 words.
  • Check out last years newspapers for inspiration.

The Tudor Tattler
The Victorian Gossip

Evaluation 1: Student evaluation of newspaper articles

Previous newspapers

The Tudor Times
The Victorian Gazette

Shakespeare: Movie presentations of Sonnet 18

by Lene, Elisabeth and Elin

By Ingunn, Vanja and Sara


Charles Dickens
Animated story of Charles Dickens Life

Victorian Life
Victorian Life Game
'History of Britain' clip, Victorian era; industrialization

Child Labour - Industrial Revolution

Queen Victoria - Las Vegas Style (Greenbrier High School project)

Victorian crime and punishment
Henry Catlin - aged 14 - Deported to Australia for stealing less than 20p (under 2kr)
John Walker - Sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for stealing onions