Capital: Hamilton
Largest city: Hamilton
Official languages: English, but Portuguese is also widely spoken
Government: British overseas territory
Monarch: Queen Elisabeth II
Governor: Sir John Vereker
Prime minister: Ewart Brown
Currency: Bermudian dollar (§) (BMD)
Time zone: Atlantic (UTC-4)
Total area: 53.3 km2 (224th)
20.6 sq mi
Water (%): 26 %
Religion: Around seventy percent of the people are Christian
Highest mountains: Scaur Hill (43 m) and Wreck Hill (43 m)
Economy: Bermuda has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Bermuda consists of about 138 named islands and islets in the North Atlantic Ocean (seven hundred and seventy-four miles from New York and three thousand miles from London). The Bermuda Islands sprawls over an area of 53.3 square kilometers.

Compiling a list of these islands is often complicated because many of them have more than one name. For example two islands named “Long Island”.

Bermuda has a thriving economy, with a large financial sector and tourism industry. It has a sub-tropical climate, pink beaches, and cerulean blue oceans.


Bermuda was explored by the Spanish captain, Juan de Bermúdez, around year 1500. And after he ”found” the island, Bermuda became a important navigational landmark for galleons crossing the Atlantic, on their way between Spain and ”the New World”.
It was a viscous forced the Englishmen to find shelter under the storm. And not one of them died. And that was the first time that there were English people in Bermuda.
During the storm, the boats were ruined; so they had to build new ones to get back again. So about a year later, they build two new ships. One was called “Deliverance” and the other was called “Patience”. Both ships sailed to Virginia, and they leaved a couple of men left on the island, so they could stake a claim to the islands.
But when they came back to Jamestown, the colony was attacked by Indians, illness and starvation. Luckily, the supplies they’d bring from Bermuda saved the colonist in Jamestown.
The Virginia Company sent a party of 60 settlers to Bermuda. This was under the command of Governor Thomas Moore. And they laid a claim to the island and begun the construction of the capital, St. George. The Virginia Company also sold the island to the Bermuda Company.
So there became a British colony, which off course made Bermuda to an English speaking country.

Why Bermuda is an English speaking country
Bermuda is an English speaking country because the English settlers made colonies on Bermuda. That's simply it.


Bermuda lies 570 miles from the coast of North Carolina and is surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
It has a landmass of only 21 square miles, so it is one of he smallest territories in the world.

Bermuda is divided into 9 parishes. From east to west they are Sandy's, Southampton, Warwick, Pembroke, Paget, Devonshire, Smiths, Hamilton, St George's.
The parishes are linked by 3 major roads that run from east to west. Their names are fairly self-explanatory and are: North Shore Road, Middle Road and South Road.

Many people think that Bermuda is somewhere in the Caribbean. It's not. Bermuda is actually 950 miles (1529 km) to the north of Nassau, Bahamas.

The subtropical climate of Bermuda is warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream. Bermuda is warm during the summer months (up to 90°F in August.) The coldest part of the year runs from January to March, the temperatures then average between 60°F and 70°F.


The population of Bermuda was at 66,163 in 2007. Around fifty-five percent is black and around thirty-four percent is white.

Major towns and cities
Saint George (9,3 km2) with a population of 1,802 and Hamilton (0,7km2) with a population of 902 are the largest cities. Others are Devonshire (4,9 km2), Hamilton Parish (5,1 km2) and Southampton (5,7 km2).

Famous landmark (The Bermuda Triangle)
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Tringle, is a strange and mysterious stretch of the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. It is said to have sucked planes and boats into it's dark and murky waters. No one knows what happened to the planes and boats. When some enter the waters of the triangle they disappear forever.


Similarities between Bermuda and Britain
  • The public holidays that both Bermuda and Britain is celebrating is New Year's Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing day.
  • Both have traditions by using costumes.
  • Both use school uniforms.
  • Both have Queen Elisabeth II as their queen and monarch.
  • Both have good economy conditions and tourism is also a very important part.
  • Both have English as the official language.
  • Both have Christianity as main religion.
  • Both are British overseas territories.
  • Both have Upper House.
  • Both have diplomats.
  • Both have Pre school. Starting at the age of 4, and last a year.
  • Both are starting the Government Primary Schools at the age of 5, and it ends at the age of 16.
  • Both have Government Middle Schools.
  • Both have respect for their teacher and principal.

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