Barney Gumble is one of the main characters in the TV- show The Simpson. He is Homers best friend, they are both 40 years old and born in the same year. It was Homer who tricked Barney to take his first beer, and since that he been an alcoholic. Barney Gumble was in the series premiere, the Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, and he is Springfield drunkest person. Barney is one of the most used person beside the family.

Barney Gumble is a yellow man with brown short hair who is unmarried. Most people know him because of his drinking problem, and that he is drunk most of the time you’ll seen him in the TV-Show. He can look like a scary and angry man on the pictures, but he is a very clever and friendly person especially to Maggie, Homer’s child.

Barney is also a lazy and dull man, but he have end up in a fight with the boxer Joe Frazier and the baseball player Wade Boggs. His function in the story is to be strong and tough and you can se on his clothes that he has a very untidy life.

Barnard Gumble who actually is his real name is based on a character from Jackie Gleason’s American Scene Magazine “Crazy” Guggenheim. In Barneys family it’s just his mother who has show up in the serial. We know that his father Arnie Gumble is dead and his mother is a Norwegian.

Barney lives in a small place in Springfield centre, not far away from the jail.


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