Bangladesh lies in South-Asia. Bangladesh borders to India and Myanmar(earlier Burma.) It lives around 140 million people in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh covers an area of roughly 144 000 squere kilometers and has roughly 600 kilometers of beautiful coastline.
The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal". The capital city in Bangladesh is Dhaka.
Dhaka is Bangladesh’s largest city. Dhaka is also known as "the City of Mosques and Muslins".
Bangladesh`s biggest cities is Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal.


Here is a table over the cities inhabiants:

City population
6 969458
3 920222
1 400689
Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna.

Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal.


The north part of Bangladesh consist of mountains, but the rest of the country is shared in several deltas. Ganges and Jamuna are the most important rivers for the country. They starts in India and ends in the «Bengal golf». These two rivers create good relations for the agriculture in Bangladesh, but it also leads to that the country is very vulnerable for floods.

Cox`s Bazar, south of the city Chittagong, has a beach that stretches uninterupted over 120 kilometres.

The most part of Bangladesh lies less than 12 metres above the sea level. It is belied that around 50 % of the land would be flooded if the sea level rises more than 1 meter.
The highest point in Bangladesh is "Mowdok Mual" ranged at 1,052 metres. It lies east in the country and it borders to Myanmar(earlier Burma.)

The climate in Bangladesh is tropical. That means a mild winter and a hot, humid summer. The winter is from October to March and the summer from March to June. A warm and humid monsoon season lasts from June to October and supplies most of the country's rainfall.
Natural calamities, such as floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and tidal bores occur almost every year.


Bangladesh has one of the biggest Muslim communities in the world. It was during the 13th century that masses began converting to Islam and this conversion continued for several centuries. It was the Muslim missionaries who brought the religion of Islam to the people of Bangladesh.
83 % of the country`s inhabiants are Muslims and 16 % are Hindus. Buddhism and Christianity is also representet in the country.

Some facts

Bangladesh exsport tea, sugar and fabrics.
The women in Bangladesh meets discrimination everywhere. Among the education, at job and in the life usual.
Around 60-70 % of Bangladesh`s population works with the agriculture. Rice, cotton and jute are the most important products. Bangladesh is the worlds biggest producer of jute.
35 % of Bangladesh`s population are malnutritions.
The form of government that Bangladesh have is democratic republic. The president is called Iajuddin Ahmed. The president is choosen for 5 years at time.
President Iajuddin Ahmed.

The National Anthem

The national anthem of Bangladesh is called "Amar Sonar Bangla". Here is the english translation of the text:

My Bengal of gold, I love you
Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune
as if it were a flute,

In Spring, Oh mother mine, the fragrance from
your mango-groves makes me wild with joy-
Ah, what a thrill!
In Autumn, Oh mother mine,
in the full-blossomes paddy fields,
I have seen spread all over - sweet smiles!

Ah, what a beauty, what shades, what an affection
and what a tenderness!
What a quilt have you spread at the feet of
banyan trees and along the banks of rivers!

Oh mother mine, words from your lips are like
Nectar to my ears!
Ah, what a thrill!
If sadness, Oh mother mine, casts a gloom on your face,
my eyes are filled with tears!

The National Anthem of Bangladesh :

National symbols

Royal Bengal Tiger
Oriental Magpie Robin
White Water Lily

National holidays

1 January – New Year’s Day
21 February – Shaheed Day/International Mother Language Day
26 March – Independence Day
14 April – Bengali Solar New Year
1 May – Labour Day
1st Monday of July – Bank Holiday
15 August – National Mourning Day
7 November – National Revolution Day
16 December – Victory Day
25 December – Christmas Day
26 December – Boxing Day
31 December – Bank Holiday

A movie

Why do they speak English?

The reason why they speak English in Bangladesh is a long story. India was one of the biggest British colonies during the 20th century. Pakistan was then a part of India. In 1951, Gandhi demanded that India be liberated and eventually succeeded. The country was then scattered in two, India and Pakistan. After a wild was also Pakistan scattered in two because of fighting between inhabitants. Then Bangladesh became a nation. Queen Victoria ruled in India during the 20th century, all the big leaders therefore talked English. When Pakistan became independent, there were many people in Pakistan speaking English, and then again, when Pakistan scattered, the Belgian people continued speaking English. But after a wild, they got there one language, so now they are just speaking English as a second language. And they have Bengali as their mother tongue. Bangla is also spoken in several other countries such as India, Malawi, Nepal, Saudi-Arabia and Singapore.
At all levels of schooling, students can choose to recieve their education in English or Bengali.

The language

Hello – asalaam alaykum (Muslim)
Hello – nomaashkaar (Hindu)
Goodbye – khudaa hafiz
Excuse me – maaf korun
Yes – ji
No – na
What is your name? - aapnaar naam ki?
I don't understand – aami bujhi naa
Where is ...? - ... kotaai?

Similarities between Bangladesh and Britain

We couldn’t find any similarities between Bangladesh and Britain. But there is many differentness`. Here is some of them:
-The form for government in Bangladesh is democratic republic and in Britain they have constitutional monarchy.
-Britain celebrate Christmas, Bangladesh don`t. That is because the most of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims, and Muslims dont`t celebrate Christmas.
-Britain is an island, that isn`t Bangladesh.


Written by Renate, Eirin and Elin.