In the day’s society is it a big difference between the rich people and the poor people. The rich is very rich, and the poor is very poor. The poor lives in the streets or in the workhouses, and the rich lives in big and comfortable houses. Is this acceptable?


Today it is a large gap between the middle class and the lower class. This is not acceptable! Some people can buy whatever they want, and other people don’t have enough money to buy a bit food.
The poor people are the biggest group in the society. That is about eighty-five percent of the population. The remaining 15 percent has all they need and more too. Someone has to do something to change this enormous develop!

The rich families live in big and comfortable houses. Some of the houses are bigger than hotels. And inside they have all then you only can imagine.
Today, the average family has five or six children. But can the parents really take care of them all? Yes a few parents can, but not everyone. In many families are the parents so busy that they don’t can take care of their own children. Other persons have to take care of them. The parents provide a nanny to look after them. The nanny and the children spend the most of the day in the nursery. The children can only see their parent’s perhaps once a day. The nanny does everything for them. She washes their clothes, dress them and watch over them, amuse them, take them out and teach them how to behave. The children are lucky that they have this person to take care of them. The parents also have a servant to do the housework and all they are asking for. Often is it poor people from the countryside who have jobs like this.
When a poor person gets a job like this, his life is saved. Aggregate to a well-paid job they get a place to live, free food and clothes. So as you see, the rich people live a good life.

How about the poor people?
They live in the streets or in small houses with only a room or two. The houses are built close together to other houses. There are no windows at the front of the house, so the houses look very sad. They have neither a backyard nor toilets inside. The toilet is outside and the whole street has to share a couple of toilets. The houses lie often near the factories where the people work.
The families are big. And they have nothing more than they wears.
Their greatest fear is to end up in a workhouse. A workhouse is a place were poor families with no money, work and lives. They have to go to a workhouse if their father loose the job or a mother lives alone with her children. There they live side by side, with thousand of other homeless families and people. In the workhouses the families get split up, the children one place, the ladies one place and the men another place. That is the worst thing that a family can experience. This is how the poor people can end up. They can get this destiny.

I hope someone can do something to stop this terrifying development.