Last night 12 persons died at the same street south in London.
The doctors have searched for the reason why, but have not succeeded.
The police thought at first that it was something criminal, but than they found out that these people had been sick weeks before they died.
8 children and 4 adults lost their life of the same disease. This is not the first time.....

These people all lived in the houses near the factory in London. The doctors are now speculating that the house condition had something to do with why this people suddenly died.
Are we on our way to a new deadly epidemic?
The workers house is not known for the most hygienically best place, and was, like we know, built quickly and cheaply.
The poor people can’t afford anything better.
Shouldn’t the parliament do something for the poor? Or should we just let them suffer?
The workers house has 2-4 rooms – one or two rooms downstairs and one or two rooms upstairs.
So for a family with 4 or 5 children, you can say that is quit small.
There is no running water or toilet. So they have to share the same toilet and an outdoor pump. So a theory is that one person has gotten sick and have infected the rest.
The house is built "back to backs", so they dont have windows in the front or a backyard.
The houses is built crammed together, so a contagious disease can spread easily.
The doctors are worried about this, and says that we can expect diseases like Cholera, Smallpox and Dysentery.

- If this happen we can expect to loose more than 12 people, a doctor from North Englands hospital says worrying.
- We have to do something with the pollution in this city. We cant keep throwing our rubbish on the streets.
The smoke from the Chimneys and the factorys is not healthy. The dirty smoke is covering the streets like a blanket.